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January 23, 2021  
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ACME Art Supplies was founded by 2 great artists, Paco and Rex.  In this self portrait Rex is the one on the right - just in case you couldn't tell.  ACME Art Supplies started out as a bricks and mortar business in Somewhere, Ontario.  Their first store was small in size but allowed them to sell premium art supplies to the thriving art community in the surrounding area. 

After a few years in business, they expanded their storefront and added in an art gallery at the back of the store that would allow for local artists to showcase their work.  Their gallery is open to the public and is free of charge.  Every month they feature different local artistans. 

As computers are getting to be more the rage, Paco and Rex wanted to be sure that the service all their clients as best as possible and this is why they have developed this new site for their more technologically inclined customer base.

Paco and Rex would like to thank you for visiting their site and are always interested in your feedback.  Please click here if you have suggestions as to how to make this site better.

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